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Dr. Stéphane Aymerich is the leader of the "Genetic regulation and Biofilms in Bacilli" (RG2B) team of the Micalis Institute (INRA and AgroParisTech). He has a long-standing experience in transcriptional regulation in Bacillus subtilis. The projects carried out in his team during the last ten years are mostly focused on central metabolism functioning. More recently, systems biology approaches have been implemented in his group, in collaboration with biophysists (C. Royer), physiologists (U. Sauer), statisticians (P. Nicolas), bioinformaticians (P. Bessières), and mathematicians (V. Fromion) to unravel general control principles of the central carbon metabolism in B. subtilis, in the framework of the BaSysBio (EU, PCRD 6th) and QuantinBaCell (ANR) projects.
S. Aymerich is also the Director of the Micalis Institute.