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Dr. Hector Bautista holds a PhD in Microbiology. He recently joined the BaSynthec project as post-doctoral researcher on the RG2B and MIG teams. Part of his research aims to give insight into global effects growth-rate exerts on the genetic regulation in Bacillus subtilis. To date, the process he preferentially targets is the transcription initiation, mainly its differential regulation as a function of growth rate. For this purpose, several engineering and molecular high-throughput technologies (i.e. Live Cell Array) are being applied. Efforts of Dr. Bautista’s research will join the project with the aim of achieving fine-tuning of growth rate effects to optimize genetic regulation and expression.



Dr. Dörte Becher is in charge of the mass spectrometry group in the Institute of Microbiology. She has experiences in mass spectrometry for more than 10 years. The analysis of proteins and their modifications is in focus of her work. She will be responsible for the proteome analysis relying on gel-based and gel-free approaches.


Dr. Philippe Bessières is deputy director of MIG, and principal investigator in several projects. His research interests are in knowledge integration, and text mining. He has been involved in the bioinformatics of five EU projects on Bacillus subtilis and Gram-positive bacteria, and has a widely recognized expertise in databases. He is coordinating the data integration of the BaSysBio project.