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Dr. Emma L. Denham is a post-doctoral researcher on the UMCG team. She is specialized in protein secretion by Gram-positive bacteria and Live Cell Array technology. Important outcomes of this research include development of LCA strains to monitor the expression under oxidative stress perturbations and strains to monitor secretome gene expression. High-throughput analysis of these strains is allowing time-resolved computational models to be built.


Dr. Etienne Dervyn is a research scientist for the MICALIS Institute in INRA. He has been involved in several EU funded projects on Bacillus subtilis. In the recent BaSysBio project, he worked on the systematic mapping of transcriptionally active regions in B. subtilis and in the functional analysis of several transcriptional regulators. His main scientific interest focuses on the mechanisms of chromosome condensation and segregation and their links with other cellular processes.


Dr. Diep Tuong Bao, PhD in Mechanics, MBA, is the manager of the European Projects Department. He has more than five years of experience in supporting researchers within the EC research collaborative programmes. He is also coordinator of FP6 specific support action Trans2Tech, aimed at increasing transnational technology transfer within the EU.



Dr. Jan Maarten van Dijl is professor of Molecular Bacteriology at the UMCG. His research has involved the analysis of protein secretion in Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus and quality control mechanisms in bacilli and yeast mitochondria. Especially relevant for this project is J.M. van Dijl’s expertise in the establishment of a B. subtilis Live Cell Array and a high-throughput fluorescence microscopy unit for the quantitative analysis of gene expression in growing cells using GFP gene fusion technology. J.M. van Dijl has been involved in the coordination and execution of several EU-funded projects on bacterial protein transport and quality control, bacterial fitness and systems biology. Finally, Prof. J.M. van Dijl is currently the chairman of BACELL, the organization for the promulgation of European Bacillus research.