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Dr. Allan Kent Nielsen, science manager and supervisor, has been working as a molecular biologist in Bacterial Gene Technology at Novozymes through 10 years. He has an extensive expertise in Bacillus expression technology and microarray analyses. Dr. Nielsen was previously implicated in two EU-funded research programs on Bacillus.


Dr. Philippe Noirot, deputy director of Micalis Institute in charge of Systems Biology, will be coordinating the project. He is also the coordinator of the FP6 Large Integrated Project BaSysBio. (, and principal investigator in several projects. Especially relevant for this project is Dr.P. Noirot's coordination of the the experimental effort to minimise the B. subtilis genome using a systems biology approach. This ongoing project is carried out in close collaboration with partner UC, who is a major player in the computational effort.


Dr. Marie-Françoise Noirot-Gros, director of research, head of the "Functional dissection of protein complexes" group. Her group has expertise in chromosome dynamics and control of the chromosome cycle in B. subtilis, and has established simple assays to monitor cell cycle perturbations which will be highly relevant in this project.