Industrial Application

WP5 – Biological engineering for industrial application will test the minimal cells selected by WP4 for essential biotechnological features including productivity of secreted metabolites and proteins, peptides and proteins, and for the absence of unwanted extracellular by-products. The efforts to identify and characterise the best minimal cells will be accompanied by the development of appropriate media and growth conditions to achieve the best production levels possible. Fermentation strategies for minimal cells will be developed using shake flask fermentation under conditions allowing us to mimic large-scale (fed-batch) fermentations in significant respects. The production potential of the most promising strains will be evaluated using laboratory-scale agitated-aerated fermentors, with adequate instrumentation and control. The last step in obtaining industrial proof of concept for synthetic biology approaches will be testing strains with implemented synthetic modules for the production of a small molecule and of an extracellular enzyme, including regulatory components.